Ultimate TurboGrafx-16 Collector's Guide

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Ultimate Turbografx-16 Collectors Guide

This blog is to keep everyone that may be interested in the Ultimate TurboGrafx-16 Collectors Guide updated to the daily changes. If you are new to this project and accidentally stumbled across this blog and have no idea what is going on keep reading.

The idea behind the book is to have the most complete collection of TurboGrafx stuff from the US NEC world. Everything from systems, accessories, through the games. The plans for the book at this time is to have a PDF or CBR  that you can download for free, but I also plan on getting the book published for those who want to outright buy the book as well.

As time progresses I will be dropping details and thumbnails from the book to hopefully keep everyone interested and excited.

You say you’d like to help… great because it would be nice to get some help. The main place we need help right now is people submitting scans of Manual/Boxes and HuCards/CDs. If you look at the top of the page you will see a link that says “Scans Needed” click on it and you will be transported to the database of what is still needed.

Final coverI still need to redraw the TG-16 Logo because I’m not happy with it yet but for the most part this is the final design for the cover.


7 Responses to “Ultimate Turbografx-16 Collectors Guide”

  1. Henry said

    For the scans, it would be helpful if you could get people to list what they plan to scan so people don’t do duplicate work. I do have all of the games but Magical Chase, and all of the boxes except Chew Man Fu & Champions Forever Boxing (and my Darkwing Duck and Veigues are Canadian)

    I would like to scan the stuff that other people don’t have in their collections. It will be a lot quicker that way – for my part at least.

    Just a thought.

    • Ayce said

      Well so far I’ve not even had anyone come forward to want to do any scans. I’m hoping that people will start coming forward besides myself and you to do scans.

  2. henrycsc said

    OK, well, then I will start with the rarer titles assuming that fewer people have them. I’ll get you a scan of the box, manual, chip, and any insert I have (that is game specific).

    I’ll start with these Turbochips
    Air Zonk
    Bomberman 93
    Bonk 3
    Legend of Hero Tonma
    Neutopia II
    New Adventure Island
    Order of the Griffon
    Soldier Blade

  3. henrycsc said

    OK, you should have the Hueys now. I couldnt find the manual to Night Creatures. That’s the only thing I’m missing. Do you need scans of the boxes for any of the games you already had scanned?

    I will try to work on the CD Games now.

    • Hopefully we can find a nice scan to the Night Creatures manual then, which I’m sure we will be able to.
      As for the boxes no mainly the only ones I need box scans for are the ones that never came in jewel cases. The box scans you’ve sent me have not gone to waste though, so keep them coming if you have ’em.

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