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Posted by Ayce on October 21, 2010

I have played through several games for all the graphics I need on the layouts. I just finished Bomberman though and man… what a boring game. I remember enjoying Bomberman on the NES and it was even worse than this. I guess the problem is that I got so used to the newer BM games that I was not expecting hours of boredom like that. Well I’m just glad that I’m not going to ever have to do that again.


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Happy Birthday!

Posted by Ayce on October 15, 2010

Well not mine but my daughters B-Day party is tomorrow so I doubt I’ll have much time to do an update as I usually get quite a bit of work done on Saturday so keep an eye out just in case.

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Just a little taste

Posted by Ayce on October 13, 2010

Here is the first posting of a completed page with all the updates on design.



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Good afternoon from Dallas!

Posted by Ayce on October 9, 2010

I had to take some of the youth group up to Dallas for something that was going on, so for me I’ve just been sitting around working on the book.

While here I’ve been playing TG16 games and getting more screeen shots. I’ve also put together a few more pages that are needing writeups. With that in mind here is a list of pages I have done that are just waitinf for writeups:

  • Alien Crush
  • Andre Panza Kick Boxing
  • Ballistix
  • Battle Royale
  • Blazing Lazers
  • Bloody Wolf

I’m also working at buying the CD games because I need to get the pictures taken for those games as well so I’m skipping those until I am able to get those games. The only one I’ve actually got in my hands at this point is “Prince of Persia.” I’m currently high bidder on “Shadow of the Beast” with only a few hours to go.

One of the things I need to get done is a list for all of you to start writing down your review stats, so keep a look out in your email for that.

Oh and one more thing… all of your are listed as administrators on the page so feel free to post anything you see fit concerning the project. This is not just my blog it’s here so go right ahead if you feel the urge!

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Unbiased or true feelings?

Posted by Ayce on October 5, 2010

Just wondering what all of you think.

Here is my idea and maybe we can work something in. I was talking with Ward about the writeups and this is the way he put it “If there was some way to have the enthusiasm like an american used car salesman combined with some insight of how this game plays and if whether you’re gonna be disappointed or not.”

I rather like that idea and it got me thinking about actually all of us putting a rating on the game. Then taking the average of the ratings and putting that on the page as well for each game. I was wanting to keep this totally unbiased and unopinionated but… after playing Ballistix for the first time I don’t know if that is the best idea.

Give me your thoughts!

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2nd Sunday Update

Posted by Ayce on October 3, 2010

19 more scans when I got home from Church and another writeup. Great guys thanks so much it’s hard for me to keep up with all that you’ve been doing lately. I’ve played through a few more games to get screen shots but am stuck on 2 right now. Battle Royale (because my game pad does not work well for this game for some reason) and Ballistix because it’s got to be the worst game for the TG16 EVER!

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Huge update

Posted by Ayce on October 3, 2010

Henry has sent in a huge update of scans around 2 or 3 dozen actually! Only a couple HuCard scans still needed: Magical Chase I’ve got a photograph of but not an actual scan, will try and make it work if it’s not possible to get a scan of. Need scans of Darkwing Duck both Card and Manual. As for Night Creatures only need the manual scan.  So for the most part the scans are complete for HuCards and the CDs are in the works.

Ward has sent in several write-ups on games.

And I’ve gotten several pages laid out that are still waiting on a few more bits before they can be finished.

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It’s Saturday

Posted by Ayce on October 2, 2010

Well I was supposed to be out of town this week for a conference and it ended up being postponed till January, which is kind of a bummer. So today I guess I get time to work on the book a bit. Over the past week or so the design of the books layout has been tweaked slightly and we have gotten 2 game pages finished for the most part. They too my get tweaked some more. Here is a a tiny sample of what the pages will look like.

Zonk Thumbnail

Air Zonk

Aero Blasters Thumbail

Aero Blasters

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Introduce yourself already!

Posted by turboStar on September 29, 2010

Hey guys,

Just thought I would give a quick hello to any members or readers that might be curious about me.  Most likely not, but regardless here is a quick snippet of what I’m about and what I’ll be working on.

I’m Joshua, I’m 31 years old.  Been a TurboGrafx owner since 1994.  I fell in love with the system a few years before that when i saw one at a local store and read about it in magazines.  My favorite games would include; Lords of Thunder, Gate of Thunder, Dungeon Explorer II, Loom, Ys Book I&II, Ys IV, Neutopia II, Terraforming, Double Dungeons, Order of the Griffon, and Shockman just to name a few! 😛

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New members

Posted by Ayce on September 28, 2010

We have a couple new members to the staff one of which has not yet signed up for an account but will be shortly. Right now I just ask that each of you, including Henry, just introduce yourself to the rest of the members. Also plese folow the link at the top of the page that says My Blog – Dashboard then on the left near the bottom click on Users – My Profile and update your info including your avatar.

I’ll go ahead and start.

My name is Andrew I’ve lived most of my life in the Northern states but am now a resident of Texas and loving it! I’ve been a video game fanatic since I was basically born. My parents back around ’79 bought the family an Atari 2600 and since that time I’ve owned just about every video game system known to the US and some even unknown to the US. My favorite consoles would be Neo-Geo, Dreamcast, and of course TurboGrafx.

I’m a graphic artist by night and a minister in training by day. Well, I’ve gone through the training for graphic design and I will soon be going into a seminary school to become a minister of Christ. Before I head off to seminary I would love to finish this book so I’m glad there have been so many of you that have come forward and share the same interest that I do to make this a reality.

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